Coffee is a moment of sharing that marks our days, from when we wake up in the morning to our lunch break or various breaks during our work activity. Over time, this drink, which is popular and much-loved all over the world, has undergone numerous developments, resulting in different varieties. In fact, as well as the classic espresso, not only on the counter at the bar, but also on the shelves of large hypermarkets, we find macchiato (with a drop of milk), lungo (longer than regular espresso) and corretto (with a drop of liquor) coffee, as well as hazelnut, barley and ginseng-based products.

With summer on the way, however, our desire for hot drinks diminishes. This is why we, at Portioli Group, have thought up an option that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

We are talking about creamy coffee, a refreshing and pleasant solution to enjoy even under the summer sun, savouring the flavour and aroma of espresso to the full. With our creamy coffee, you can treat yourself to relaxing moments for recharging your batteries.

The experts at Portioli Group have also been focusing on health and physical well-being, offering all its customers a rejuvenating drink with no hydrogenated fats, no GMOs and completely gluten-free. A high-quality product made from authentic and skillfully dosed ingredients, low in fats and carbohydrates.

Simple and quick to prepare

Making it is really simple. First of all, to bring our creamy coffee to life, you need to make 7 cups of Portioli espresso coffee in advance, which will later be added to a sachet of Velvet mix and one litre of milk.

The combination of ingredients will then be put into the Portioli slush-maker, a small instrument entirely dedicated to preparing cold creams. The ideal solution for creating your creamy coffee in just a few minutes. The Portioli slush-maker is easy to use and simple to clean, making it the ideal solution for coffee shops, bars, hotels, restaurants and all operators in the HoReCa industry.

The box, with its striking graphics based on the colours of the Portioli brand, contains 330g of product inside it. Its size is ideal both in terms of practicality and freshness because it guarantees much more rapid consumption, aimed at avoiding an accumulation of residue at the bottom of the pouch.

It is also an excellent solution for more traditional businesses that do not have their own confectionery workshop, but that can easily fill that gap with the aid of this system. Furthermore, the product can be conveniently kept inside the slush-maker, which maintains a constant and monitored temperature, thus avoiding waste.

One of the product's main characteristics is undoubtedly its special creamy consistency and this makes it different from other similar products that are more grainy and contain ice crystals.

How to serve your Velvet Creamy coffee?

We, at the Portioli Group, provide anyone wishing to offer their customers our creamy coffee, a handy descriptive menu and, above all, some elegant glass cups that make the appearance of the product even more appealing.

For those who wish to enrich their offer, Velvet creamy coffee can be served with a garnish or topping. We suggest that it be served with Portioli coffee, but it can also be topped with whipped cream or crumbled macaroons, offering a crunchy alternative consistency.

What are you waiting for? Enrich your offer by serving our Velvet with coffee and experiment with the new solutions proposed by the Portioli Group. Place your trust in the true masters of taste.